Bruker Topspin


Bruker TopSpin software is a comprehensive package for NMR data acquisition, processing and analysis. Some people can find its learning curve little bit steep. Otherwise, it is quite powerful software package, especially when it comes to non-trivial tasks. Everyone planing to get trained to operate Bruker instrument manually should start by doing some basic off-line processing using Topspin.  There is couple of options who you can get Topspin running on your computer.

Free Academic Topspin License

Basic off-line processing functions of Topspin and Dynamic Center for all three platforms (Windows, Linux and MAC) are available free of charge for academic users. To get this going on your computer is quite simple

  1. Register on Bruker website
  2. Login with your e-mail address
  3. Download the installation file, run it and follow the instructions on the screen

There is no license server involved. Therefore this Topspin installation should work anywhere. The only drawback is that the license is valid only for one year and will need to be renewed on annual basis.

Topspin Departmental Floating License

For everyone who does not want to renew the license annually or wants to do some more serious processing and NMR analysis we offer departmental floating license. The download links for files that are essential for installation are provided below. Unfortunately the floating license works only in conjunction with the license server which is not accessible through Eduroam WiFi. It also does not work on MAC. For MAC users, we still have few academic node license that are valid for three years. They are available upon request in the lab.

Dynamic Centre 

Dynamic Centre is a program designed for the analysis of experiments with non-frequency related dimensions. It consists of three groups of applications General Dynamics (relaxation, diffusion kinetics, cross polarization and REDOR experiments), Protein Dynamics and Time Domain Dynamics. The later two parts require a special license (see below) but General Dynamics works with the standard Topspin license and it is essential tool for analysing DOSY, T1 inversion recovery and other pseudo 2D experiments. You could also give it a try if you analyse large quantities of  reaction monitoring (kinetics) data.

Special Bruker Licenses

We also hold some licenses for specialised modules (CMC-se, CMC-assist, AMIX, NUS and DC-Protein Dynamics). They are available upon request in the lab.

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Topspin Installation File

Topspin License File and Instructions

 Dynamic Centre Installation File

NoteFor downloading some of the files full university user name (in format and corresponding password are required.