Mestrelab Research offers a quite extensive portfolio of software packages for analytical chemistry. Our users have access to an unlimited floating licence  of their NMR plugin (version 12.0.3 only).

The licence server is run by IT services and should be accessible from within the domain (departmental Ethernet network, Eduroam WiFi or VPN). Connection with the licence server is required only every 90 days. Therefore, after installation, MNova software will run even without network connection for about 3 months. The download links for files that are essential for installation are provided below.

We also hold some licences for specialised modules (qNMR, Reaction Monitoring and NMR Predict Desktop). They are available upon request in the lab.

If you are new to MNOva or want to learn some new tricks, the Mestrelab website is packed with resources like manuals and training videos.

Installation File
Licence File and Instructions

NoteFor downloading some of the files full university user name (in format and corresponding password are required.