The department has six nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers for NMR spectroscopy of samples in solution. The routine service work is served by three instruments (1 ´ Bruker AV 300, 1 ´ Bruker AV-III HD 400 and Bruker AV-II 400). All three low filed instruments are equipped by BBFO probes that allow to acquire spectra of any nuclei in the range of frequencies from 19F to 15N. The Bruker AV-III HD 500 has four frequency channels, and can be equipped by wide portfolio of room temperature probes including BBFO+, BBI, 1.7mm 1H-13C-15N TXI and 1H-19F-BB TBO. It also has the capability of recording spectra at variable temperature within the range from 200 to 370 K. Our Bruker AV-III 500 and HD 700 are both equipped with nitrogen cooled Prodigy cryoprobes with direct observed (BBO) and inverse triple resonance geometry (TXI), respectively. All 6 instruments are equipped with automatic sample changers and utilise high level of automation that is controlled by in house developed NOMAD system.

Robbin – 300 MHz

Noah – 400 MHz

Marcus – 400 MHz

Felix – 500 MHz

Alec – 500 MHz with Prodigy CryoProbe

Hector – 700 MHz with Prodigy CryoProbe

Some of the instruments have quite specific configuration that facilitates observation of certain nuclei or on the other hand some experiments are disabled. If you wonder which instrument will best serve your needs consult the table below or click on the link to find out which experiments are availble.