So we are starting our last week here before Christmas – time has flown by! Lots of updates to do with NMR shutdown, first week back etc.

Firstly, Alec is already offline – the problem with sample ejection has become more and more of a regular occurrence so we decided just to take it off of automation. If you need to use it, just ask me – it’s technically still available until Thursday.

On Thursday, there will be nitrogen fills as usual in the morning, Alec and Hector will then be unavailable until after the break – the cryoprobes need time to warm up so they have to be switched off earlier.

All other machines will be turned off on Friday morning before i go home at lunch – I’m assuming most people will have finished up for Christmas then but if there is anything urgent you want to do Friday morning, please let me know before i just come in and turn everything off!

Tomas is planning to be back on the 3rd of January – he will need to do the nitrogen fills and the cryoprobes will need cooled back down. All being well, there should be some NMR that afternoon if not Friday.

I will be back on the 7th – Felix is already booked that week from Monday lunch until Wednesday lunch and also Friday. Helium fills are also planned at least for Hector and probably Alec – this is likely to happen on Wednesday afternoon but that depends when the helium arrives.

Finally, i will probably make a donation of NMR tubes to the teaching labs in the new year. If you want any tubes back, please make sure you take them. I will move anything left at the end of this week into a big labelled tub, anything still there when i come back after Christmas will be donated!

Hope everyone has a good break!