It’s reading week for the undergraduates so maybe NMR will be a bit quieter (no teaching samples)!

That being said, Noah will be off for at least the first half of the week – Earl from Bruker is here to install a new console (hopefully this will lead to a slightly speedier machine).

Over the weekend, Alec had an error so was not running – sorry if your sample was effected.  Unfortunately during out of hours times, there isn’t anyone around to fix things – please don’t take this as a reason to try  yourself. We suspect someone turned the sample express off – this makes it hard to work out what caused the error and also the sample changer is very expensive so we don’t want untrained users fiddling! The best thing to do in this sort of case is nothing – it will be a priority when we are back at work.

Here’s the current status in the NMR room:

Have a good week!